A family vacation isn’t complete unless everyone’s favorite four-legged friend is there, but it’s not always easy traveling with our pets. Lucky for you, we’re a sucker for a cute pup so here’s some quick tips to make it easier for you to bring your pet with you when you visit Orlando for your next vacation!

Preparing a Checklist.

In the excitement of a vacation, it’s pretty common to forget a few things. While you’re packing up your sun hats, sandals, and bathing suits your puppy pack list should include the following:

    • Water Bowl
    • Food Bowl
    • Extra Food
    • Leash
    • Bed
    • Medications
    • Kennel
    • Dog Tag
    • Toys
    • Waste Pick-Up Bag

Finding the Right Transportation

Deciding how you’re going to travel with your pet is a top priority. If driving, it’s important to make sure they’re strapped in with a dog safety belt for the ride. You’ll also want to map out some pit stops so you and your pooch can stretch your legs, have a water break, maybe a snack, and definitely fit in a good game of fetch.
Flying is already stressful and can be a little nerve-racking for us humans, so a long flight can really take a toll on our pets. Now, several airlines are committed to making sure your pet can relax while taking over the skies. JetBlue, WestJet, and Alaska Airlines are some of the top carriers known for catering to owners and their pets. All three have several perks including allowing owners to check pets as a carry-on, pet tracking in case you get separated, and even letting Fido to collect frequent flyer miles for future flights!

Finding Pet-Friendly Hotel in Orlando

Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to get to Orlando, your next step is finding a place to stay! It’s always best to find a hotel or resort with lots of space not only inside the room but also outside so they have ample place to relax just like you. It is their vacation too after all you know! Not all hotels, resorts, or Airbnb’s are willing to accept every breed, or any pet at all so make sure to confirm their pet policy. If you’re looking for a place near Disney to keep your tail-wagger close to the magic, Floridays Orlando Resort is the perfect haven for dog lovers to bring their pets. Click here for the link to their pet policy. If your pup wants to be close the action by Universal Studios and Volcano Bay, Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center is happy to house them! Click here for the link to their pet policy.

Ready For a PAWsome Stay? (Ha!)

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